Who we are

The idea for nbdy began years ago in classrooms at the Universities of Florida and Leiden, but the project was ultimately born in Amsterdam in late 2017. Inspired by the sustainable fashion scene in Amsterdam we set out to be a new type of producer that operates differently than other brands on the market.


Rather than working for shareholders we wanted to work for the betterment of workers, consumers, and the planet. We are properly known as Stichting NBDY in the Dutch chamber of commerce as we are a stichting (foundation), not a BV (private company). Our aim is to spread good jobs and good products at the same time.


On top of this we do not want to keep our profits, we would rather put that into a charitable fund that the business side handles the upkeep costs of. As a result, 100% of donated money plus our share of profits we add to the fund will go directly to the recipients. We are more than a sustainable apparel and shoe label, we are a new type of producer attempting to change the way people consume ethically.


From our articles of incorporation, found in the KvK (Dutch chamber of commerce):

We not only want to participate in the ethical fashion movement, we also want to promote the entire industry and help get other producers off the ground.


We believe all of this can be achieved with the right partners and low overhead bypassing all of the middle-men usually involved in getting products to market. In the digital age it is surprising just how few affordable options there are for ethical consumption, we are here to address that along the way as well.

The philosophy of nbdy revolves around three core tenants, Natural, Biodegradable, and Fair. Our natural products are vegan, non-toxic when composted, and produced only under fair labor.

More on this to come. If you want updates about our site going fully live or the newest product drops, sign up to be a nbdy today.

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