The goal of nbdy is to provide all natural, biodegradable, fair products. We are working on our 100% biodegradable shirts now with 100% biodegradable shoes on the way. The rules are simple, only use natural materials such as hemp and cotton and only use dyes that are not harmful.

Why natural? Plastic pollution from clothing has reached almost every water supply that we use and the problem will only get worse. Microfibers from clothing are large contributors to micro-plastic pollution. Low-impact dyes are much better environmentally but industrial dyes are also polluting major water ways that are meant to be accessed by millions of people. To really lessen our impact we want to move to fully natural dyes.


We are committed to our goal of bringing you the best products we can and that means no detail is too small to make sure it is done right. The tags for our products are made with natural inks on recycled and natural seed paper that can be composted or even planted. The tags are secured with natural beeswaxed hempwick which can be used for lighting things or also composted. And our packaging is 100% compostable and made from post-consumer products.