Making our products biodegradable is a very important part of our mission, second only to securing better rights for laborers around the world. This mission is often met with a bit of skepticism, but we firmly believe this is an important step toward an environmentally friendly and sustainable future.


Biodegradable clothing gives a simple and easy end of life for each product. It also means you do not have to recycle it to a special place or ship it back across oceans to be broken down with chemicals and reconstituted. It simply becomes dirt. Everything has to go somewhere, why not back into the ground where it came from? Our compostable range can also be easily recycled giving many different options for a sustainable end of life.

The majority of excess clothing is discarded each year. In the UK alone, 300,000 tonnes of clothing were discarded in 2016. Charity and secondhand shops can be a good alternative but they can sometimes be backlogged and have to discard or ship items. However, even sending clothing for sale or donation to countries in need is not a very good economic strategy to support development.

Why even bother with making everything biodegradable? The simple answer is a bit dull. Why not? We do focus on providing long lasting items, but we do not want our products to outstay their welcome on this earth. Clothing is just one piece towards living a more sustainable life and we are trying to do our part prevent harming the Earth further.


There seems to be no escape from clothing and fashion. But we also need the Earth. Probably even more than clothes.


NOTE : Biodegradable clothing does not break down while you wear it, and can take a up to a couple of years to fully degrade if left in nature. In proper compost heaps, this process is only several months depending on conditions.